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The 2020 Global SME Finance Forum will be held virtually over three fully-immersive half-days on October 26-28 and will be accessible to all SME financing experts for FREE. Last year, our event gathered over 700 industry leaders from around the world. However, this year offers the opportunity to log in from the comfort of your homes and we expect to witness a higher turnout of industry leaders.

Our virtual conference will emulate the same in-person experience, by offering one-on-one networking, a virtual marketplace, exhibition booths, breakout sessions, fireside chats, and panel discussions, as well as the recognition of the Global SME Finance Award winners, and the presentations of the best Call for Insights articles.
Please join us for a new and exciting digital journey.



Learn from the industry leaders
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  8:00 -8:25 am

Yvonne Okwara

Senior TV News Anchor, Kenya

Matt Gamser

CEO, SME Finance Forum

His Excellency Dr. Fahad Aldossari

Deputy Governor for Research and International Affairs, Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority. Representing the G20 Saudi Presidency

  8:25 - 8:45 am

Carmen Reinhart

Vice President and Chief Economist, The World Bank Group

Hans-Peter Lankes

Vice President, Economics and Private Sector Development, IFC

  8:45 - 9:30 am

As the world moves into the next phase of responding to COVID-19, will the policies put in place be effective? How have policies impacted financial institutions in their ability to respond to the needs of SMEs? What are the broader policy implications going forward for regulators and industry participants?

Moderator: Thomas DeLuca

Chief Executive Officer - AMP Creditech Services Ltd.

Rajeev Chalisgaonkar

Global Head, Business Banking - Standard Chartered Bank

Lucia Cusmano

Head of the SME and Entrepreneurship - OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Regions and Cities (CFE)

Daniel Bouzas

Policy Adviser - European Banking Federation

  9:30 - 10:15 am

CEOs and senior business leaders reflect on how the industry has been affected by the pandemic and how institutions have responded to date to the crisis.

Irene Arias Hofman


Selim Hussain

CEO & Managing Director, Brac Bank Limited

Judy Hsu

Regional CEO, ASEAN & South Asia, Standard Chartered

James P. Scriven

Chief Executive Officer, IDB Invest

Colin Walsh

CEO and co-founder, Varo Money

Kathryn Petralia

President and Co-Founder, Kabbage

Michael Schlein

President and CEO, Accion

Herbert Wigwe

Group Managing Director and CEO, Access Bank

Henry Ma

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, WeBank

Doug Bland

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Credit, PayPal

John Gachora

Group Managing Director, NCBA Group PLC

  10:15 - 10:50 am

With the alternative finance sector now six months into its first major economic downturn, what can we expect of the sector when the pandemic abates? How will the industry evolve as a result of the pandemic?

Lesly Goh

Senior Advisor, The World Bank Group

Gina Taylor Cotter

SVP & GM, Global Business Financing, American Express

Kelvin Teo

Co-Founder, Funding Societies

Valentina Kristensen

Director of Growth & Communications, OakNorth

  10:15 - 10:50 am

Investing in non-financial services (NFS) generates positive returns while serving SMEs and women-owned SMEs. Learn about the business case for NFS from experts in the financial services sector.

Moderator: Jessica Schnabel

Global Head, Banking on Women, IFC, World Bank Group

Joanna Romero

Global Non-Financial Services Specialist, IFC

Olena Prokopovych

NFS Global Champion, IFC

Arsen Melkonyan

Deputy Chief Executive Officer on Business Operations Coordination, ACBA BANK OJSC

Annastacia Kimtai

Director of Retail Banking, Kenya Commercial Bank

Winnie Mengech

NFS Champion – Sub-Saharan Africa, IFC

  11:00 - 11:25

Learn more about Experian's unique end-to-end approach which combines robust data management, innovative technology solutions, advanced analytics and a deep understanding of broad financing disciplines to match both private and social capital to underbanked SMEs.

  11:00 - 11:25

Catering to specific SME sectors by using their advanced knowledge of eight sectors to create insightful loan products for each sub-sector, U GRO uses a unique combination of intelligence and technology using statistical predictive modelling to understand an SMEs potential for growth.

  11:30 - 11:50

Presenting emerging innovative tech solutions: Providing a platform to a curated selection of fintechs.

  11:50 - 12:00

Matt Gamser

CEO, SME Finance Forum

October 27th - REBUILDING SMEs


The talk will address the following points: economic relief response from Chilean government from a wide perspective; a zoom into economic relief through commercial banking based on government backed guarantee schemes, and non-financial-institution financial schemes; and the silver lining to the future that comes with the pandemic, mainly on venture capital opportunities and the development of Fintech ecosystem.

Paulo de Bolle

Senior Director, FIG, IFC

Lucas Palacios Covarrubias

Ministry for the Economy, Development, and Tourism, Chile


Celebrating the Global SME Finance Awards 2020 winners with highlights from their winning submissions.

Host: Jessica Schnabel

Global Head, Banking on Women, IFC, World Bank Group


Various players from the financial industry will share their strategies for not only surviving but striving to serve SMEs during the pandemic. What have been their successes and challenges thus far? What are they planning for in the near term?

Lesly Denyes

Digital Financial Services Specialist, Middle East & Africa, IFC

Jay Singer

Senior Vice President, Global SME Products, Mastercard

Clive Allison

Global Director of Innovation and New Business Models, Unilever

Jesse Weinberg

Head of the SME Customer Segment, FNB Business

Allen Forlemu

Regional Industry Head, FIG LAC, IFC


Are we headed for a less visible crisis deep within supply chains that could destabilize SMEs and add to the woes of the global economy? What are good practices in the supply chain finance industry to address COVID-19?

Prateek Shrivastava

Vice President, Digital, Accion

Vivek Pathak

Regional Director - East Asia and Pacific, IFC

Mack Makode

VP Treasurer, Under Armour

Kevin Day

CEO, HPD Lendscape

Gwen Mwaba

Director & Global Head, Trade Finance, Afreximbank


Both financial institutions and customers have had to quickly navigate how they can and want to interact as a result of the pandemic, so what have financial institutions done to respond to the impact of the crisis while progressing their digital transformation at the same time?

Martin Holtmann

Manager of MSME Finance and Digital Transformation, IFC

Sameer Vakil

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer, GlobalLinker

Ongki Wanadjati Dana

CEO & President Director, Bank BTPN

Rachel Freeman

Executive Director and Chief Growth Officer, Tyme Global


Presenting emerging innovative tech solutions: Providing a platform to a curated selection of fintechs.

October 28th - THE SME FINANCE OUTLOOK 2030


Alfonso García Mora

Vice President Asia and the Pacific, IFC

Her Excellency CHEA Serey

Assistant Governor, National Bank of Cambodia


Idsert Boersma

Director of Partnerships, FMO

James Polan

Vice-President, Small and Medium Enterprise Finance Department - DFC

Jessica Espinoza

Chair, 2X Challenge - Global Gender Finance Lead, DEG/KfW

Stefan Harpe

Lead Investment Officer, FinDev Canada

William Sonneborn

Senior Director, IFC


What are some of the emerging products that will be significant for SMEs as we move into the future? What are the needs of SMEs that are driving the emergence of new products? And what are the implications on the financial industry as it responds to those needs?

Matt Gamser

CEO SME Finance Forum

Khrystyna Kushnir

Knowledge Management Lead, SME Finance Forum

Mohan Jayaraman

APac’s Managing Director for Southeast Asia and Regional Innovation, Experian.

Travis Mitro, Director

APJ Payments & Financing, SAP Ariba

Andrea Gilman

SVP, Global SME Segment Lead, Mastercard


The landscape of the global financial services industry has seen considerable changes over the past few years. The entrance of non-traditional financial institutions particularly Fintech and Big Tech has indisputably accelerated innovation in the financial sector and improved service offerings for consumers and SMEs. At the same time, they also make the industry ever more competitive, creating pressure and uncertainties for incumbents, the traditional financial institutions. What does this evolving landscape mean for SME finance?

Sopnendu Mohanty

Chief FinTech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore

Rosy Khanna

Regional Industry Director for Financial Institutions Asia Pacific, IFC

Bing Xiao

Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

Adam Klappholz

Head of Global Credit Expansion, Business Development and Strategy, Paypal


Sharing their visions for the future, authors of the top submissions from the SME Finance Forum Call for Insights will present their ideas followed by a thought-provoking speaker to inspire everyone's thinking.


Mei Lin Fung

Chair, People Centered Internet

Matt Gamser

CEO SME Finance Forum






During the event, you will have the opportunity to network with seasoned peers, meet customers, vendors, friends or find your next partner. The chat features will allow you to get in touch with attendees, speakers and FinTechs pitching at the event. You will be able to establish one-on-one chats and video-calls to make the most out of your time during the event. Search by attendee and send an invite request to start scheduling your meetings, starting on October 25th and until the end of November!

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One-on-one networking, exhibition booths, breakout sessions, fireside chats, and panel discussions, as well as the recognition of the Global SME Finance Award winners, and the presentations of the the 3 top Call for Insights Call for Insights articles.
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